Imagine The Red

I got in really close to my Japanese maple tree and was astonished by the structure of the leaves. They reminded me of blades at first, then a little like a pile of sword blades overlapping each other. As I continued to stare and play with settings, including switching to monochrome, I found it reminded … Continue reading Imagine The Red

I Can Feel the Colour and the Light

Imagine the lush greens, modulating hues and tones with the sunlight that hits them through the canopy. Imagine the wind twisting the leaves in all directions and showing the natural colour changes in each leaf. Imagine how the underbelly of each maple leaf has a silvery iridescence that reflects even more colour changes. Imagine the … Continue reading I Can Feel the Colour and the Light

Gothic Leanings

Early this Spring, I took several pictures of the dead milkweed plants in a nearby field. I've always found these beautiful and used to use them in flower arrangements and other wall-hanging sculptures. The grey tones really appeal to me, even before I started to understand Wabi-Sabi aesthetics. They normally last well into the Summer, … Continue reading Gothic Leanings

Forrest Sentinel

On a recent trip to the Laurentians, I was walking in the forest behind the pace we were staying. I came across this I posing sentinel standing in a small clearing. Clearly dead, desiccated, rotting, and pecked, and yet... somehow standing strong and imposing. The hole in the upper side sometimes looked like an eye, … Continue reading Forrest Sentinel

Is The Fear Behind Us, Or Is There Still More Ahead? – The Hollow Ones #44

A gentle reminder that you have the power to decide on the answer to this question. We always live in light and darkness. One cannot exist without the other. Choose which you love the most and be grateful for it. No judgement here, just love the one you prefer fully and with gratitude for what … Continue reading Is The Fear Behind Us, Or Is There Still More Ahead? – The Hollow Ones #44

It Won’t Be Long Now – The Hollow Ones #43

Let hope in and know that all things must pass, including all this Covid-19 craziness. Let the darkness dissipate. Let the fear move on and embrace the joyful light. We don't need to get back to what was normal, that is what brought on this acceptance of fear. Be light, be happy, be different, be … Continue reading It Won’t Be Long Now – The Hollow Ones #43

Waiting As It Passes Us By – The Hollow Ones #42

The days drone on and one can hardly tell if society is looking ahead or getting used to being in this pandemic fear. The fear seems to be ahead of us. We aren't in it, and it hasn't passed. Every new day brings it forward. We're waiting to move, but the future seems scarier than … Continue reading Waiting As It Passes Us By – The Hollow Ones #42

How Much Will We Burn In This Fear? – The Hollow Ones #41

Made on May 28: The news was amazing this morning. It started with the local statistics for Covid-19. The radio voice did their best to make it sound absolutely devastating and punctuated every word with fear! Aside from my belief that the statistics don't merit the fear attached and that history will this was over-dramatized … Continue reading How Much Will We Burn In This Fear? – The Hollow Ones #41

Sunset Dancing – The Hollow Ones #40

The heat is tremendous and the music fills me with joy. I imagine and hear beautiful people dancing for the rains to come and gently break the heatwave. The heat holds us in place and begs us to wait for it to play with the atmosphere and paint the world with fiery colours. Standing still … Continue reading Sunset Dancing – The Hollow Ones #40

Frankie Goes Dancing – The Hollow Ones #38

For those of you old enough to remember them, you will also remember why Frankie Goes To Hollywood was a common guilty pleasure. They were on my daily mix from Spotify today and I started remembering one of their live shows back in the 80s... Lavish light shows full of pastel & neon lasers; sound … Continue reading Frankie Goes Dancing – The Hollow Ones #38