(Home)-Studio Painting – The 1st Still Life Project – Next Steps

I had some time today and dove into adding some shadows. As usual, I got a little ahead of myself and mixed some tones as well. I'm painting in a dark space with no direct light on my work, only on the objects I'm painting. The shadows are all over the room, blocking my point … Continue reading (Home)-Studio Painting – The 1st Still Life Project – Next Steps

(Home)-Studio Painting – First Steps

Ok, this is a little awkward for me to write as a make, so please bear with me. I wasn't really listening to the teacher's instructions, so I'm not sure if we were supposed to just free-flow our own processes, or not. I did that anyway. I mix my undercoats by instinct and apply them … Continue reading (Home)-Studio Painting – First Steps

(Home)-Studio Painting – Still Life Set-Up

Over the next four weeks we are meant to play with some objects we choose from around our house and will arrange in different compositions to paint as a still life. Ok, then!!! I picked a bunch of my own sculptures... mainly because it has helped stir up the creative juices in the past for … Continue reading (Home)-Studio Painting – Still Life Set-Up

Setting-Up A Temporary Painting Studio in Covid Conditions

The only place I have space is in my garage workshop... so, I made some tough choices this summer and cleared out a ton of stuff, re-organized all I could, and closed the garage down for a Winterized space. My greatest challenge is lighting. If we were doing this PTNG 200 class in the university … Continue reading Setting-Up A Temporary Painting Studio in Covid Conditions

Setting-Up A temporary Fibres Studio… ARGHHH

As mentioned yesterday, there are many, many steps in getting to this point and I feel we haven't even started yet. 1 - Watch (and watch, and watch again) a bunch of demo videos about ethical harvesting materials, choosing storage containers, cutting materials into sample bundles, making mordants, and on and on... 2 - Collecting … Continue reading Setting-Up A temporary Fibres Studio… ARGHHH

Back to School – New Adventures in Covid Times

University classes online don't seem like that much of a big deal, except... I'm learning more about my own learning style and my limitations with this digital medium. I have two studio classes, the one that revealed my challenge was a textiles exploration studio class where we will be exploring natural dyes and fabric dying … Continue reading Back to School – New Adventures in Covid Times

A Single Tear for Whiteness

Please focus on the right side of the shot, where a single drop of dew slowly rolls down the gentle petal, like the tear rolling down the soft skin of your love's cheek. The monochrome petals look sensuous and invite the lover's touch on their surfaces. It may be challenging for normal fingers to touch … Continue reading A Single Tear for Whiteness

The Used Horse Salesman

It's in the eyes. He has those used-car-salesman looks about him. Only he looks like he's from some Old-Western times... Trying to look the daddy and prosperous chap of those times. I kind of get the feeling he'd be selling a painted horse as a "new-fangled zebra". Perhaps I'm projecting but I feel he's got … Continue reading The Used Horse Salesman

Mumford’s Dad. Also known as, Mumford.

The everyday people of this world are filled with wonderful stories. They may occasionally look bored, but don't mistake this look to mean they are boring. Age has filled them with experience and perspective that we can all learn from. What do you think this fellow's story is? Using coloured Conte and charcoal on black … Continue reading Mumford’s Dad. Also known as, Mumford.

What’d You Say, Again?

Ok, I admit that I might be channelling an angry or serious Fat Albert here and I apologize if this is appropriation or even remotely racially insensitive. I think he started out in my mind as Peter Griffin from The Family Guy. The colours of my Conte just lend themselves to these features. Here he … Continue reading What’d You Say, Again?