Urban Summer Days

I took this one last Summer. Here in Montreal, we have loads of older buildings. many are hard to see from the street, as the owners have often resurfaced the street-fronts. However, find your way down alleyways, and into backlot parking spaces, and you'll find the abundance of Victorian architecture that shines around our fair … Continue reading Urban Summer Days

In Montreal, Art Is All Around Us

This year, in pursuit of my Art Ed. degree... For ARTH 370 - Montreal Metro Visit Report Introduction Originally aiming to experience a different piece of art in the Lionel Groulx Metro, this piece jumped out at me while on-route. I had to stop and look at it, and realized that I was experiencing it … Continue reading In Montreal, Art Is All Around Us

Vampire Temple Skyline

I see this view from the second floor windows at the EV building at Concordia university, facing Mackay Street. The view disturbs me and I'm not sure if it's because it is remarkable or un remarkable. It just bugs me. I find myself taking the same picture of it from different floors, as if I … Continue reading Vampire Temple Skyline


I'm not sure I even care who this statue represents, it surprised me in one of those funny moments when we are walking around, completely lost in my own thoughts, and there it was. As if it jumped out of nowhere, right infant of me. When I looked up, it felt mike a slow-motion upward … Continue reading Imposing

Very, Very Montreal

Montreal (Quebec, Canada) has some very interesting architecture, but almost every city in the world can say that with subjective ease. What makes the architecture of Montreal so interesting is how it is combined: the old and the new create layers of emotional design that open doors to the rich and often turbulent history of … Continue reading Very, Very Montreal

Unfinished or Undone Cathedral

I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing from this church. I didn't crop out the surrounding buildings I didn't take away surrounding trees. I only changed the sky. So, what was it that was missing from what I at first mislabelled as a cathedral? Well, perhaps it's that it isn't a cathedral anymore, … Continue reading Unfinished or Undone Cathedral

Vernissage “Sans Compromis” – Demetrios Papakostas

Another No-Holds Barred & No Compromise Art Show In Montreal!!! ArtMotion International and it's partners are very proud to present the amazing Montreal based artist: Demetrios Papkostas. Join us on Thursday October 4th at 6pm for the Vernissage. Come rub elbows with Montreal's Culturati over a glass of wine and get the inspirations for these … Continue reading Vernissage “Sans Compromis” – Demetrios Papakostas

Sunset From The Top of the Ferris Wheel

The blessing of being a tourist in your own town is that you have the opportunity to fall in love with your city all over again, Family was visiting from out of town and their kids asked to go on the ferris wheel at the Old Port of Montreal. As it happened, it was close … Continue reading Sunset From The Top of the Ferris Wheel