Midweek Poems – Strange Welcoming

Strange Welcoming There’s yellow danger tape across the Church’s front door There are many small signs spread throughout the grounds telling to not walk there There’s a big No Parking sign warning fines if ignored There’s a Wet Paint sign on the bench outside the front door There are words carved and weatherworn into the … Continue reading Midweek Poems – Strange Welcoming

Midweek Poems – Canadian Waiting

Canadian Waiting Waiting for the rain to stop Waiting for Tim’s Double-Double to get cold Waiting for Sherry Ulrich to finish her playlist on the CBC, while she rhapsodizes the great merits of Dave Gunning, and he is great! Waiting for my little family to finish volunteering at the bird rescue center Waiting to understand … Continue reading Midweek Poems – Canadian Waiting

Midweek Poems – Hierophants

Hierophants Ancient fur-rimmed hat sits smoking Extra longs Fumbling with her brand-evident keychain Arthritic hands, shaking Sipping medium steam coffee Tossing her ashes to the floor Looking up at the Observer Snarling her anger at the intrusion Defiant eyes return to the Sunday tabloid Sighing in smoke and wetting her red lips At the juicy … Continue reading Midweek Poems – Hierophants

I’m So Grateful To All Of You!

This past week I won my 500th subscriber and I am very grateful to all of my followers for getting me there. It popped up in an email and gave me a pause to breathe and reflect on the last year, or more specifically the last few months activities. A reflection on blogging: I recently … Continue reading I’m So Grateful To All Of You!


sad… the clouds are lonely… the birds are depressed… the beer is alone… the chair is unmoved… the ant is unamused… the clowns are bored… the people are horny… the teenager is unemotional… the painting is listless… the dog is drunk… the party is sober… the shirts are dry… the pants are cold… the girl … Continue reading Sad

The Catchphrase On My Sleeve

The precipice has walls Decorated to an abundance With murals of unimaginable history Which chance has yet to write. To dream of dreams yet underrate When reality is morose and ignored Postpones everything but my imagination And cures the mundane routines. So like a heart on my sleeve The catchphrase of my life, Broken and … Continue reading The Catchphrase On My Sleeve