Tuesday’s Triumphs #1: Why Self-Perception might be killing you.

“It’s not what you are that’s holding you back, it’s what you think you are. By Unknown Wow! I’m not sure if I am truly accepting that I am holding back all my success. Part of me accepts it fully, but it feels off somehow. It feels like I’m putting g myself down, instead of … Continue reading Tuesday’s Triumphs #1: Why Self-Perception might be killing you.


Monday’s Meanings #1: Internalizing Self-Worth

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth” By Unknown I take this to mean that we only do ourselves a disservice by relying on the judgement of others to define our self-worth. I’ve done this my whole life and it’s a terribly tenacious habit to break. It shows up in … Continue reading Monday’s Meanings #1: Internalizing Self-Worth

Transformations With Life #14 – Reaching for Nirvana

Another example of the persistence of life. Like many of my plants, I find them on walk, this time deep in a vast filed of wild growth. This amazing plant was growing out of a dry mud patch. The earth was so dry and hard packed, that I broke the small shovel I was using … Continue reading Transformations With Life #14 – Reaching for Nirvana

Tree of Life

Tree of Life https://rakupottery.ca/2019/07/26/tree-of-life/ — Read on rakupottery.ca/2019/07/26/tree-of-life/ If you need a reminder that we can turn a frown upside down, you gotta read this !

Sunday’s Speculations #1: Comfort Zones

“Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” By Rumi I’m not sure I’m ready to embrace this idea yet, only because I am still making excuses for not doing it. My primary excuse is financial. I do have responsibilities and I also fear the resistance … Continue reading Sunday’s Speculations #1: Comfort Zones

Transformations With Life #13 – Bonsai Island on a Coral Reef

This little plant was hard to catch. It was hiding in a dry patch of a massive field of wild flowers. I'm not certain, but it might be a baby smoke bush. There are some bigger trees with similar leaves nearby, or maybe they are overgrown bushes. Anyway, they are growing wild in this field. … Continue reading Transformations With Life #13 – Bonsai Island on a Coral Reef

21 Weeks To Awareness

An Introduction Please join me on an exploration of perceptions and awareness of self and the universe. For the next 21 weeks, I will be sharing inspirational quotes that come to me daily and seek to better understand what they mean. The images come from Pinterest and I’m convinced the quotes are coming because I’m … Continue reading 21 Weeks To Awareness

Clutter or Opportunity? I know what I’m choosing!

It's been a busy year for creative outputs and there's no slowdown ahead. There's also been a lot of self-awareness learning going on around here lately. Amazingly, a lot of it revolves around the benefits of a more decluttered life. So, we've been contemplating the pros and cons of what to do with all our … Continue reading Clutter or Opportunity? I know what I’m choosing!

Deep, Philosophical Sadness

The sadness is mostly in the eyes for this guy, and maybe I took the easy road to connecting the feeling of his being philosophical, because of the beard. The funny thing is that the image that inspired this one was most definitely not Sophocles. Regardless of the source material, something inside me was coming … Continue reading Deep, Philosophical Sadness

Contemplating A Darkness

Something deliciously evil just came over this guy's mind and we are witnessing the beginning of the smile of awareness, as well as the subtle shadow that is growing from the right side of his face. He is looking right at you with a secret knowing. What did you ask him to get this look? … Continue reading Contemplating A Darkness