I want to make my dreams come true.

Too vague, you say? Give us a specific dream, you demand? Well, ok then!

I want to open and run a successful Art & Decor Gallery called “FOUND”. Showcasing sculpture, glass, painting, collage, and repurposed items… like furniture, lamps, and decorative highlights for your home. I want to bring engaging beauty to people’s homes. I want to reuse discarded objects and re-infuse beauty into them. I want to show the world an alternative to waste. I want to create things that speak to them, as well as about them. I want to do this in a physical space, as well as on line. I want my workshop studio to be in the back and for it to also function as a school to explore creativity. Now, how to make this happen?

Please take a few minutes, after reading this, of course, to watch this awesome Ted Talk by Bel Pesce called “5 Ways To Kill Your Dreams” . You heard right, kill your dreams! Too curious to wait? Ok, watch it now and come back to me after, ok?

1- Believe this will work with persistence, passion and planning. It won’t be an overnight success! Awesome, that means every increase, improvement, and success is a new gift towards the next goal. Very motivating, don’t you think? Here’s the key, while the action-decision for this project may be starting today, it has been building in my mind for almost 17 years now. I have books, notes, completed work, and ideas for almost every aspect of this project.

2I have all the answer. Well, I think she’s suggesting I know what I want to do and  most of what needs to be done, and I have the ability to get the resources to get it done. I can do it, all I need is my decision to do it. Funny, my next GoRead blog post is about this very same idea!  Sorry, you have to wait for it, it gets published tomorrow night. So, I need a space, equipment for the storefront and workshop / studio, stuff to sell , and money to start the whole thing! A space I can get with the help of several contacts I have, equipment is readily available, I already have a few hundred works to pick from,  and financing can be my opportunity to finally learn more about crowdfunding and to use my Law of Attraction practices. Cool!

3Think past this goal to the next step. I can’t ever seem to get away from that creative visualization, can I? Just kidding. So, now that it’s open, what’s next? I accomplished my dream, what do I do now? Grow, of course. Develop my on-line shop, invest in marketing, start gathering additional & complimentary streams of income, invite other artists to show and sell work, start teaching classes in the workshop, reach out to the community and go where I can give back, and / or pay it forward, seek to expand in other locations around the world, their is no limit to the possibilities.

4Take Responsibility! Ewww, bummer! Not at all! As in most things, it depends on how you want to look at it. I can beat myself up with the NO EXCUSES rally call, or I can embrace the process. There is lots to learn here and I love to learn, so this is a positive. I might make mistakes, but let’s be honest… nothing about this project is life threatening…well, unless I pick an explosive coffee maker for my office, or something. I can lean from every step I take and I can reach out into my network for guidance and help. I can also build a team to help me do this. All scenarios lead to the same conclusions: I’m not alone & I can do this. All I need it to decide to do it and own that decision.

5Life is about the journey, not the destination. Ok, now I feel like I’m repeating myself, or Bel is repeating herself, or someone is repeating something… oh, look a squirrel!…(pause for a musical interludeI’m back! The point is that stepping onto this dream-boat is the beginning of an amazing journey. I will grow from the experience, bring some beauty to the world we live in, and help others believe in their creativity. All by doing and sharing something I’m passionate about. Now, that is what I want!!!


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