Over the last two days I’ve discussed the importance of being a listener, and of waiting to be asked for advice or for help, before jumping in with it. I reread these articles only to come to the conclusion that I may have been giving myself permission to be passive, to procrastinate, and to put my growth in someone else hands. That is not my intention, not my meaning. Action still needs to take place! There’s a verse in the Bible attributed to Matthew the goes: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” This fits into the concept of giving help to those ask for it, as much as it is a call to action for me to get off my butt and look for opportunities to help others. So, I’m redirecting my last two articles with the caveat that we also have a responsibility to take action and seek out opportunities to serve others. Where & how can we do this? Well, I believe writing and sharing of ourselves is a start in the process of reaching out and connecting with someone. Which leads me to today’s desire.

I would LOVE to inspire people to build toward their true goals & purposes! This year I will be turning 50! I’m so grateful to be healthy and still curious about almost everything. I’ve been taking the time to reflect on my life: what I’ve done, learned, and accomplished. For the most part, I’ve followed my own beat and grown from my experiences. Now, I want to pay it forward. If I had to define my Why for doing this blog, it is to share my thoughts, experiences and knowledge. My hope is to inspire someone. I persist at this desire, because if I can inspire one person, than I can surely inspire more. Lately, I’ve been opening myself to greater feedback, and it is coming in. The more I share what I’ve learned, the more I’m rewarded with earned respect. I still do sometimes talk too much, and I can admit I like the sound of my voice, perhaps a little too much, but I have learned to listen much, much more.

The other evening I had the opportunity to be asked how my magazine could possibly help an entrepreneur acquaintance of mine, who is about to start his second business of exporting Quebec onions to Africa. My first thought was, now this is a deliciously challenging question to answer. Something in me knew not to answer directly; not to talk about my magazine, but about his mission instead.  So, I started asking questions about his “Why” for doing this business. His passion for it was clear, and that was what I needed to continue. In 30 minutes we went through his marketing plan, or lack thereof, the benefits of on-line vs face to face sales, and the development of the local markets, all in the service of his clients… the local farmer’s who put their trust in him as a representative. It was a very stimulating conversation for both of us and a very revealing one for me. First, I wasn’t aware of his first business, and how that was an even stronger passion for him. So, I got the gift of getting to know him much better and where and how I could help him. Second, I had no intention of selling my wares as we talked, and the lack of this preoccupation allowed me to be more open and giving in the conversation. We just talked, shared, and connected. For me that was already a great gift.

While we talked, I got many valuable details from him, and was able to suggest many small tasks that he would be able to implement, without much effort. As we were leaving, he pulled my wife aside and some other friends too, and gave me an amazing compliment about sharing with him ideas he thought were amazing for both his businesses. Then he said he would like to sit with me once a month to get the motivational boost he got tonight. I didn’t ask for it, but I planted the seeds for a strong and profitable relationship. I got more than I thought I wanted. By listening to him, I got inspired myself, and by sharing freely of myself, I inspired him in return. Now what?

I realized that much of what I was sharing with him has been somehow guided by these 30 day challenges I’ve undertaken. In reading to improve myself, writing to share my progress and focus on my own purpose, meditating on a positive mindset, and reflecting on what I already have, I have become more self-confident and better at communicating what I know that could potentially help him, and others. So, what other 30 day challenges could I possibly undertake to continue growing? Then I tried to remember who inspired me to do these 30 day challenges and look for why I started them. I went back to Matt Cutts’ Ted talk called “Try Something New For 30 days” and found my “why”. In rewatching it, I discovered something else… another tool to accomplish this week’s want. In less than three and a half minutes, Matt illustrates how to build to our goals. It’s one more thing for me to share with you.

Here’s my challenge to you. Pick one small thing you do, only you haven’t done it consistently. Now, decide to do it everyday for the next 30 days and mark it off on a checklist. It could be as simple as eating an apple a day, or cutting out one coffee a day. Accomplish this small one first, then do another, bigger one. maybe find a guided meditation on YouTube to improve your self-esteem, or finding your true purpose, and do that everyday for 30 days. maybe, you too could watch inspiring Ted talks everyday, while you are on your treadmill. I can tell you that the sense of accomplishment, and the determination to commitment that has built in me in these last 45 days that I’ve been doing these is astounding to me. For example, I’m doing a cleansing diet that I really don’t like, and while I started this in support of my wife, Sawsan’s secondary business , many of her team and she herself are considering getting off it a few days early, I feel a strong need to finish the full 30 days! Not because I like it, but because it has instilled in me a truth that I can do what I set my mind to, and I must follow through on my commitments! Only then, can I own my accomplishments.

Today, I want to inspire you, to reach your goals by listening to your wants, and working with you to plan the steps to achieving them. How may I help you, today?

8 thoughts on “Day 12 – What I Want To Do- 30 Days to Clearly Defining It

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