Dear Friends, Neighbours, & Readers,

I am very proud to introduce Neil Damackine the founder and the heart of Construction ND Inc.

Before I give you every reason to work with Construction ND Inc., let me talk to you a little about my dear friend and often-time mentor, Neil.

Neil has the gift of trusting in his ability to judge good people. He also tends to give people the benefit of the doubt first.

When I first sat with Neil he told me two things, one he met with me because he felt I was a good person. Then he said he would ask me more questions then anyone else about my magazine project, my values, and my visions. Well, he did just that and more… we went over every inch of the companies website, the sample magazines, the contracts for sponsorship, my work history, my family life, etc… Just to give you a sense of how amazing a person he is, he apologized for every new question and thanked me for every answer. Never before or since have I been put through the paces by a prospect or customer. It was the greatest training experience of my life and I thanked Neil repeatedly for doing it. This was the beginning of trust for us. What we’ve talked about since has made us friends!

Neil told me that one of the reasons he asked me so many questions was that he once a publisher himself and he was giving me a coaching session to help me become a better representative for this project. Needless to say, I learned a great many things from him that day, including much more about the publishing industry. He also shared with me a few details about the man, himself and it is hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t like him. He is the person I have the most confidence in and love to recommend and connect to others.

Neil is a devoted family man, a loving husband, and dedicated father of five kids. He works hard, is dedicated to always improving himself and his company, while never passing up on the quality time spent with his family. He hires people for their attitude and treats them like family. He meets everyone I connect him to with a respect that humbles me and fills me with gratitude, and the connections all thank me and tell me they love him. Bonus!!!

Neil is dedicated to quality, customer service, and takes more pride in the work he and his team does, than you could possibly believe. 

He is meticulous in his details, his quality, and his values. 

He is infinitely curious, has a head for innovation, and lives a growth mindset.

He goes above and beyond to make the renovation experience with his team what the client wants. 

He is a true team leader and his team share his values and dedication to quality performance and service. He is an anchor who draws to him other service providers with the same values of excellence.

He is an excellent teacher and communicator, a consulate professional, and the respect & gratitude he shows his clients is unmistakable.

When you need a reliable, efficient, and family friendly renovation done, call Neil Damackine & his team! You will love working with him, because everyone does!

You can reach Neil at And/Or Follow his progress on Twitter, Facebook, Houzz, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+

Did I tell you, I was very proud of my friend? Well, I am!

4 thoughts on “These Are The People In My Neighbourhood – Say Hello to Neil Damackine

    1. Started as email campaigns introducing people whom I have a great deal of respect for. As you know, not everyone appreciates emails. I can share amazing people with a larger audience this way. I’ve seldom told the people I feature I’m doing it, because I’m not doing it for any reward. I feel so grateful to these people for their time and their encouragement. They give me so much. It’s just nice to give back.

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