Moleskine Sketchbook:

The Review:

You may think I’ve succumbed to Moleskine’s marketing hype and that is why I pay the higher price for these watercolor paper notebooks. You could be right, but…

You might think I’m overly impressed that this type of sketchbook has been used by such artists as Van Gogh, Picasso, & Hemingway. You could be right, but…

At the end of the day, I just love using them! Here’s why…

I love the texture of the watercolor paper and find it the most enjoyable to draw on with pen, pencil, and ink. It feels to me like it wants to be worked on and loves the messy explorations I embark on with my sketches.

These books have both soft or solid covers and are always solid enough to hold on your lap to draw. The thickness of the paper isn’t bleed proof, but thick enough that I can write notes on one side, without it showing through to the drawing on the flip-side.

I recently discovered the joy of incorporating the seam into my drawingsAs I said, they just invite me to be creative. I love them!

They come in a ton of different sizes, and I’ve used quite a few, but prefer the smaller ones for ease of carrying around.

Check out their website for other options Or just type Moleskine on Amazon and have fun choosing one!


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