If the news isn’t the news anymore

What do you call it?

The names change, but

The actions are always the same.

Isn’t that plagiarism?

This one dies

That one dies

It gets in the news

And everybody sues.

When did they decide to place

The obituaries on the front page

of the newspaper?

The alliterate majority only looks at the headlines,

Thus, furthering the climb

To the greater ignorance,


Old news seems to be

The flavour of the day

Any day… Everyday.

Can comfort truly be found in

the predictable,

the repetitive,

the forever redundant


yes, Enough

To seek out the tabloid sorrows

For entertainment.

Finally, how

Many more people will seek

The hero making headlines

By admitting abuses,

By terrorizing themselves,

By homicide?


Recompose yourselves.

We have enough conflict.

by M. Perron (Originally written September 1992)

Notes: I think this is when I realized TV news was a load of crap. News media had become entertainment.

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