Crayola 96 Crayons:

The Review:

Wax crayons are versatile if you allow yourself to try them. You can blend colors and tones, and with a little practice, make lines as fine and crisp as you like.

Using them on textured papers enhances the layers of the to work. The light that lives in the crevices of the paper, where the wax doesn’t reach, if you use a light touch, lends remarkable highlights and shading. It’s a media that requires patience and vision. It lends itself beautifully to abstract work.

I fell in love with crayons as a drawing material when I studied Raw & Outsider art, as well as Naive art. Let your inner child meld with this child’s art tool and let your pure expression shine.

I have yet to find a better brand than Crayola for color quality and selection. If you want to challenge yourself on really big pieces, get the Crayola Canada 800 Regular Crayons Classpack, 16 Colours: The range of colors is enough to recreate almost any Group of Seven painting.


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