Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen:

The Review:

This has become my favorite drawing tool. Giving the ability to practice techniques used in watercolor, calligraphy, ink brushing. I’m now able to make remarkably fine lines to very thick ones. It is also amazing for shading and texturing. I love these pens!

I’ve been able to practice and master dry-brushing & lining with these and developed a much greater appreciation for calligraphy.

The ink cartridges tend to last for about seven drawings. This may seem like very little, but I literally paint with the ink on my drawings. I cover the whole page. The ink isn’t expensive, so I don’t mind.


Other color inks are available, but not as easy to find as the Pentel black. The brushes have never dried on me, even when I’ve gone for months without using them. I have two of these pens and have never had to clean the brush tips.

The only challenge is traveling by plane. The pressurized cabins is too much for the ink and it bleeds out of the cartridge. The only remedy is to take it on the plane without the cartridge in it, otherwise, the brush gets over-saturated with ink and unusable until you change the cartridge.

My solution has been to embrace the opportunity to use other drawing materials when I travel. 

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