Conté à Paris Pastel Pencils with 24 Assorted Colors & Conté à Paris The Sketching Box with Assorted Pencils:

The Review:

Conte is a strange material to use. Well, it is for me.

It can come off as scratchy and hard to control if you wish to have only crisp lines. It tends to crumble under too much pressure, and it’s a fine point to know what that is. However, when you get it, you can use them as you might coloring pencils, only with much richer colors.


The range of textures is vast with this particular brand. Have fun. I recommend both the kits for a broader range of colors and tones than just one of them. These make for excellent explorations in hues & tones. Pull out your color theory charts and go for it.

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Art Supplies: To Conté or Not To Conté?

    1. LOL. The best price around here has been on Amazon unless you have a dollar store that doesn’t know what they buy in bulk and luck out on some great supplies. It happens.
      I’ve included the link for the Amazon site.
      Thank you for the comment, Lynn.


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