Faber-Castell Creative Studio Non-Toxic Square Soft Pastel:

The Review:

I received this kit as a gift and used it sporadically to highlight or make colorful outlines. I found it messy to use as a sketching tool & as a rough under-draft material for my paintings. It took quite some time for me to realize the benefits of this and use it for these exact qualities.

The chalks are messy and not the easiest to make fast blends. They are also very subtle in their diversity of tones and hues. The colors intensify when rubbed into the paper with your fingers and the blending is improved when you get your fingers really dirty. The messy part allows one to reach for that Wabi Sabi beauty of making mistakes. These were a ball to get messy with.

I’m really not sure if I would recommend getting a large kit to start your play, or to buy only the primary colors and mix your own tones & hues. Either way, I had to supplement the kit with some additional Black & White sticks.


I am considering exploring what happens when I start using brushes filled with alcohol or baby oil to blend the colours already drawn onto the paper. I wonder how much like watercolor they can get.

Let’s compare experiences. What do you use, why & how?

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