I’m lying in the dark for what seems like

forever. I know

I exist, because I feel movement

and solid mater surrounds me on all sides.

Suddenly a light shines on me, I’m grabbed

large soft things squeeze me

too hard. In a single movement

I’m transported between a pair of

soft, warm surfaces that clamp down on my head.

I hear a sharp noise and see a bright flash of light,

it approaches me

and briefly I’m horrified… It touches me!

A great burst of air is sucked through

the length of my body.

With a terrible feeling welling energy

I notice my body is burning.

The energy increase becomes almost like pain

when the air is sucked through me anew

it lessens when the vacuum ceases

it’s consuming drag.

My body continues to get smaller.

A lightness overcomes me,


My senses float away like the loss of substance.

My body is but a phantom to me now.

Everything is black again, but

I don’t think

I’m touching




is so unclear…


wish i…

was back in that tight, dark…

where existence was

sensed, but not felt…


by M. Perron (Originally written September 25th, 1992)

Notes: Ok, I never was a serious smoker… I think I wrote this as a challenge in some writing class in university. My experience with smoking is more comical and filled with coughing, complaints, and looking anything BUT cool.



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