I look at this chocolate chip cookie

and wonder…what’s inside.

On the surface

there is hard cookie with only a few

chips of personality showing.

What potential this cookie must have

Look at all the delicious chips

What’s inside must be incredible

I know it’s there,

but how to get at it.

If I attack and eat it voraciously

I might miss some special attributes

If I eat it too slowly

I might not appreciate the most important qualities

and not distinguish them

from the less important ones.

The cookie is so deliciously complex

I’m sure it has an idea of the best way to eat it

but won’t give away it’s secrets

Even though I’m starving

the taste it all at once

I think I’ll save it in the fridge and use bits of it

to make everything else I eat a little bit more…


by M. Perron (Originally written Oct. 24, 1991)

Notes: Another relationship poem… trying desperately to make someone into what they weren’t… getting closer to understanding the need to appreciate what is in front of me, instead of an idea of them.


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