School time in early autumn

the playground is full but

the out of bounds fields are more tempting.

The field is more tempting and filled with burrs,

but the apple tree proves irresistible

We race to be kings on the age old tree

by claiming the highest branches

Power is kept with an arsenal of apples

all ripe, but completely inedible.

The old ogres and crones scare some off

but the most powerful cannot give up the fun.

Only the sirens can call in the kings of fun

but it can’t take away the joy of the apple tree.

by M. Perron (Originally written March 19, 1991)

Notes: Following an assignment in a creative writing class, asking us to write a poem on a childhood memory. I came back to a time in elementary school, playing king of the mountain, on an old apple tree. It’s amazing we survived this long… even more amazing that I worry so much about my kid’s safety, when she doesn’t do nearly as much crazy stuff that I did!


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