Calling Destiny

May I call you destiny?

For that you surely are.

All paths led me to you

From my heart, you have never been far.

To think of the roads I’ve been down

All that I’ve done and seen

It’s a miracle I found you

It’s some strange destiny’s dream

I must have known where to find you

In this most unlikely location

But to actually meet you here

Was beyond my greatest expectation.

So, I may call you, destiny

For you are all that I aspire.

What more could I ask for?

You complete all I desire.

Originally written Feb 1998

Notes: So, is this about a person, or the best cannoli ever? In fact, you may question if my previous love poems were ever about people or seriously amazing foods. I’ll leave it to you to figure out. This is the end of my old poems… until I find some new lost journal to dig words from. I am still uncertain of continuing with new poetry, but I’ll never discount the possibility and wholeheartedly invite the muses to visit as they wish.

From my Madrid files on the Pub Storytellers nights. Where an eclectic group of expats, troubadours, and assorted, sodden wordsmiths gathered twice a week to share a few pints, tell many tall tales, and lessen our loneliness at our favorite Irish Pub in Madrid, Spain, back in 1997-98. I kept my scribbles from these nights and the poems that grew out of the stories I told. This is the first time I’ve ever published these. I hope you enjoy them.


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