“If something is wrong, fix it. But train yourself not to worry, worry fixes nothing.” 

By E. Hemingway

I felt compelled to print this one out and put it up in front of me in my office. I’ve been having an on and off debate with myself on this concept of worrying versus thinking. I have tons of examples like will I be able to manage a full-time term at school with all my other responsibilities, including financial? What will I do for extra income if one of my consulting clients stops using me? How the hell do I get my finances in order? And much more. It’s overwhelming me to think about all this, but not thinking about it is just not taking any action at all. Yes, I worry and I honestly know that worrying isn’t taking action either. I’m not fixing it with all my worry. So, now I need to remind myself that these worrisome questions are signs of where I need to take actions. 

I’m still getting overwhelmed by the amount of thoughts that flood in all at once. One action I can take is to allow myself the grace to take action on the first worry as it entered my mind and allow the rest to float away, temporarily, until the first has been acted on. Arg! There’s that inner voice again, telling me to haver faith, to allow things to happen, to trust in the process. Big Sigh! (I actually just sighed.) 

Why is this so hard and why do I have such a strong desire to win the solution lottery for it all?

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