“If you think that when you take a vacation, or find the ideal partner, or get a better job, or a nicer place to live, or whatever it is, then you will finally be happy, that’s when you lose yourself in the future.” By Eckhart Tolle

This one’s been rumbling around my mind for a few days now. I was actually talking about it with my wife this morning. Not this exact quote, but the idea that we need to be happy first, then all things become enjoyable. Tolle rocks the concept of everything must focus on the NOW. Now is when we plant seeds. Now is when we change everything. Now is all there is to take action with. We can’t change the past and can’t control the universe of possible outcomes in store for the future. Now is all we have. 

I believe he is also telling us that happiness is a NOW state as well. Focusing on the past may bring regrets, no matter how small. These regrets mat be in the form of nostalgia, longing, and doubt. I’m starting to see that one must completely let go of every aspect of the past, no matter how nice it may be, because out brains register it as something that is now gone and some logic part of us knows it can never be recaptured. We may have created all sorts of justifications to battle the regret feelings, but the reality is the experience has passed. 

The future is the same, only it is filled with worry. We can call is anticipation, expectation, dreaming, wishing, etc… but it is something we don’t currently have. Therefore, to focus on the future is to focus on lack. I’m not sure how much I am simplifying this concept, but it does come up in so much of the readings about happiness and low of attraction. 

When we feel good, happy, even sad, it is all happening to us right now. That means feelings are also a NOW construct. Feelings are the power that drives manifestation. How many times have you read that to manifest your desires, you must believe they exist right now? Desire and now don’t seem to be compatible to me. Now I wonder is wanting cannot exist in the now and there is no way to trick ourselves into believing we have what we don’t have. Yes, now I actually am simplifying things too much. Meditation can help us and forming habits about our feelings can also help. I don’t have all there answers, but I’m on the journey with you too. 

What does this quote mean to you?

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