“I have been broken. I have known hardship and I have lost myself. But here I stand, still moving forward and growing stronger each day. I will never forget the harsh lessons in my life. They made me stronger.” From QuotesJournal

I think you must make a choice to believe this at face value. It will be the first step in m making it a new and lasting habit of truth for you. If you must break it down and consider it logically, then do that first. For myself, it flows logically as thus… 

I’ve been, or at least felt, broken many times in my life, and I’m still standing and trying to grow.

I’ve known hardships that hurt and I’m still standing and risking vulnerability to grow.

I’ve lost myself in self pity and doubt and I’m still standing and taking chances on myself.

My life’s harsh lessons often return in times of great self-doubt and act as signposts that motivate me to look for solutions. It doesn’t always happen at the same speed or as fast as I want, but I just always get up and move forward. That forward movement inspires and energizes me to continue every day.

Now, I ask you, have you ever really moved backwards, or was it an attempt to redo a previous action differently?

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