“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” By Socrates

I’ve come across this one quite a bit in the last few years and it felt hard to apply in real life. However, it was when I looked back throughout my life at past friendships and acquaintances that I realized the most enjoyable interactions always occurred when ideas where discussed, not people. unless, it was about something awesome an amazing person did. I mean, gossip was always a boring drain that killed the conversation quickly and I always disliked it. Now I see that I retreated from participating in these conversations because they didn’t energize me and probably didn’t add much to the rest of the conversant either. 

It feels a little critical to say talking about people weakens the mind, and I see how talking about events is only debating what can’t be changed (ie the past), but I do believe talking about ideas strengthens it. Ideas are discussed in the present, based on what we know now, and we feel the strongest excitement of them in the moment. They often feel like we are planting something for the future, creating possibilities, discussing new realities. It’s a sharing of energy. Energy seems to strengthen the mind, as when a great debate is on, I feel ideas flow and can’t wait to let them out. 

How does talking about ideas make you feel?

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