“I define power by having the confidence to make your own decisions and not be swayed by other people.” By Adele

I really think that everyone has the power to make their own decisions, it’s the second part that may be more tricky for most people. Anyone can make a decision; Sticking to your decisions requires that you have an unfailing confidence or belief in what you decided. This is where faking it until you make it might work as far as taking the initial action goes, but can you maintain that action until the end? 

Look at where your decisions come from. Have you made it as a reaction to some external force? Is it a life changing decision? Does it come from your heart or mind? What fuels your motivation to complete this decision? This one raises lots of questions and I believe only you have the answers for you. In this case, I am part of “other people”. You have to listen to yourself and follow your heart. It might be the greatest gift you can ever give yourself. 

Who is keeping your decisions going?

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