“Don’t Be The Same -> Be Better” By unknown

I was recently having a great conversation with a friend about self-awareness and the strength required in being an artist. We embarked on looking at the challenges of being vulnerable and putting yourself out there. My friend was expressing answers to many questions that indicated just how much he compared himself to others and felt in competitions with what he called experts and stars. While I’m aware that I often do the same, I am also aware it doesn’t motivate me to move forward. What does motivate me forward is a single, focused goal to be better today than I was yesterday. More specifically, only better than myself, not better than anyone else was yesterday. 

Give yourself a goal to move forward in anyway possible. Improve anything upon how it was yesterday. These can be goals of any size, but the key to success is to stop and reflect on the activities of each day, look at what you learned, improved, advanced on from the day before. Then stop there! Do not look further into what has yet to be improved or accomplished. Stay on today! Feel the accomplishment for what it is: an accomplishment. Do not qualify or judge the size of it, just be proud, happy, and/or aware that it is more than yesterday was. That’s it. Now you accomplished the goal. You are no longer the same as you were yesterday. You are better! 

How have you become better today, than you were yesterday?

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Meanings #7: Always be better than yesterday

      1. We listen when one of us needs to vent and are honest with eachother to say “that’s enough…move on”. We never attack the others and know we all have our limits but in the end our goals are the same. Our clients depend on us to work it all out.

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