“Be careful what you tolerate. You are teaching people how to treat you.” By unknown

This is a hard one for me to fully incorporate into my life. I logically get it. I am emotionally tortured by memories that prove the times I wasn’t careful about what I tolerated. And I have plenty of doubt because of time where I’m not sure I should have been more or less tolerant. Right now, I feel sadness at the realization that I spent so many years with these conflicting feelings. I feel gratitude that I am increasingly aware of what I do now and I make better choices about what I tolerate. 

By the way, there is a different between accepting, tolerating , and not giving a F***. You will have to define those parameters for yourself. Since I started on my journey to let go of worry, to let the small stuff be, and to pursue what feels good, I’ve been having an easier time not giving a… well you know. Walking away from intolerable situations is becoming easier too.

The people you are teaching, but the way, includes yourself. You need to develop self-respect and stop tolerating crap from yourself as well. All the negative self-talk only becomes a habit you’ve taught yourself. You can teach yourself a different story. 

What are you teaching about how to treat you?

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