“Life gets a whole lot more beautiful once you start living for yourself and accept the fact that you can’t please everyone.” By Unknown

So many times I’ve read, heard, and been told that I don’t need to explain or justify why I do anything I want to do. Of course, I must take responsibility for the consequences of my actions, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. There are many reasons we like or want what we like, the simplest is that it feels good. The law of attraction, from all its teachers, tells us that if something feels good, truly, sincerely, and completely good, it is good for us. That feeling of pure goodness is the key to manifesting everything we want in life. Only I truly know why I want what I want. I acknowledge that I often don’t know exactly what I want it beyond that it brings good feelings. I only start doubting when I think of explaining my reasons to others. I feel fear that they may not understand or that they may judge me, or try to convince me I’m wrong in my desires. 

Getting what we want usually, if not always feels good. Pursuing what we want can sometimes be challenging and scary, but that is only because we allow ourselves to build an external gauntlet of the opinions of others. Simplify your life and just go for it. No overthinking, just doing. Doing is also in the present. Peace of mind resides there also. 

What does this quote mean to you?

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