“I’m at a point in my life where I just want to be very quiet.” By unknown

Ok, this is a challenge for me, but not because I can’t shut up. I’m currently on a path to getting my teaching degree so I can formally stand in front of a class and share my knowledge. The challenge is that I’m not so sure I want to do this anymore. Not that I don’t want to share knowledge; I very much do. It’s more that the last few years as a consultant have taught me the benefit of keeping my mouth shut and keeping my advice to myself, unless it is asked for. To be honest, I’ve recently learned to discern when people ask for, but don’t really want the advice they need. 

I can say I’m tired of debating there advice I give as much as I’m tired of defending my thoughts and opinions. I’d rather just be quiet and listen. I’m also in a place where I love to quiet my mind and shut out all the inner-chatter. When I sit in my backyard, listening to the wind, and one of those blessed moments when no neighbours are mowing lawns or using power tools, then the wind stops and everything gets still… that moment is heaven to me. I soak it up! 

I’ve always enjoyed my own company, but this has nothing to do with my social habits; it’s about real, physical and mental quiet. It’s bliss. 

What does quiet sound like to you?


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