“What a beautiful thing it is, to be able to stand tall and say. ‘I fell apart, and I survived.” From Daily Quotes

I dedicate this one to my Mom. Our whole family is dealing with our beloved sister’s and  Dad’s cancers, each in our own way, but my Mom is just inspirational about it. At first, she completely broke down and was swimming in the darkest moods I’ve ever seen from her. I was getting more worried about her than my sister and Dad. Yesterday, my Mom told me that something changed. She couldn’t put it into clear words, but she basically expressed this quote. She’s decided to take one day at a time and deal with one crisis at a time. It propelled us both into an amazing conversation about the futility of worry. 

Over recent years, my Mom has watched some of her closest fiends pass away and is currently watching several family members struggle with health issues entirely out of her control. With each new issue she allows herself to break down and each time she seems to get up stronger. I wish I could take all this sadness from her, but that might be taking God’s gift from her. Her strength is a beautiful and inspiring thing to see. Her survival is inspiring. She’s inspiring.

What have you survived?

3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Triumphs #10: Survival

    1. thank you, Maylynn. Everything is relative. Each of us has our own cross to bear and each of us is allowed to feel what we feel. With all my heart I believe we all can claim suffering and survival through whatever we are experiencing. Perspective is a gift and sometimes makes our own concerns lighter.


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