“When you no longer split your energy with contradictory thoughts, you will know your power.”  By Abraham-Hicks

Remember how our parents would shout at us to focus? Maybe this is all they were trying to tell us. Ok, maybe it was an angel speaking through them, then. Either way, it seems clear that whatever we choose to focus on becomes the strongest thoughts and feelings we have. Further to this, try to remember the feeling you have when you have inner debates about decisions. Generally, the feeling isn’t very good and each position is weakened. 

Maybe we should let go of any judgement regarding failures or fears, and give ourselves the gift of seeing every decision we make as an opportunity to learn. Always be learning rings loud and happy in my mind. I love learning. I only feel differently when I let my ego, or fear of failure have a voice. Then my decisions are weakened and I feel bad. Conversely, I always feel a rush of energy when I’ve made a decision and committed to action. I can’t find argument with this statement. Thank you, Abraham. 

How do you feel when you have inner debates?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wisdoms #11: FOCUS!

  1. When we align with who we truly are everything just flows – it’s difficult to remain in that space – I found a great video of Abraham’s today talking about how if you ask for something too specific and you don’t believe it then you create resistance so it is better to say I believe in …more generalised things and then you will build up your vibration because these things are something you are in alignment with (so no loss of energy through splitting and nonresistance) I love hearing Abraham’s wisdom – great post

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m grateful to you for your thoughtful comment.
      I’m constantly amazed at how the universe sends me messages to reaffirm concepts. Just this morning I was discussing intentions with my wife and how they are split. She very clearly reminded me that my specific requests are part of what limits my manifestations. Here you are, saying the same. Some time ago, I accepted that I have angels speaking to me through signs and the voices of others. Today, you are one of my angel’s voices and I am very grateful to you for it.
      If I may ask, could you please share the link to the video you saw in a reply? That way we can all see and hear the angels (AKA. Abraham, in my opinion).

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