“There are two rules for success: 1. Never reveal everything you know.” By Roger H. Lincoln

I went on a rant about this one recently, and I wasn’t even sure where the rant came from. I was frustrated at my best-intentioned parents for some advice they were trying to give me following my sharing some plans. Then the frustration took me over and I started remembering all the times I’ve made the mistake of sharing plans and dreams. That led to regrets about when I shared all I thought knew about something to clients or listeners. In all cases I got comments or advice that put me in a state of doubt and subsequent frustration. Furthermore, there have been so many instances where I gave it my all and wondered why I didn’t get any feedback. I realize that in those instances, I left no room for inquiry, so I inspired no interest or curiosity. 

Now, I have killed my self-esteem with blaming myself for not explaining things well enough or right, but the truth has probably more often been that the person I’m sharing with simply doesn’t share my vision or dreams. Well, that’s understandable when you consider they didn’t have the experiences that led up to my dream, plan, knowledge, or vision. Regardless, I may not yet be ready or able to edit out most of the information I am excited to share, but I have realized an important lesson; just…

What are your rules?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wisdoms #12: The One Thing…

  1. Yes, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, so much, just, yes. But also, the person you’re sharing your dream with, probably at some point learned to forego theirs, give it up in some way… sacrificed something they didn’t want to sacrifice… picked up equally damning and sad beliefs about what’s possible. The definition of success that resonates most with me… is that I will define it as showing up to love what I do. By default I think it can also apply as the ‘rule’ I prefer… if I can ask and answer yes to ‘did I show up and love the work I did?’ Then yes, it was a success. 🙂

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