“Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go.” From My tooth Fairy

I’m not sure, but I thunk you might want to let this one wash over you and see where hot goes. You can take it literally, if you are holding onto something crummy from yesterday, but it can do so much more. It is a message of letting go. It is a message of focusing on right now. I know I am not always successful at eliminating the regrets of my past, but I am actively trying and implementing new behaviours to replace less productive habits. Maybe a  good place to start is removing a few words from your conscious vocabulary. 

Remove “should”. First, let yourself feel the word ‘should’. For me it reveals that I am not accepting things as they are. There is some anxiety in wanting things to be other than they are. How could they be different than they are? When I remind myself of this truth, I have to question why we even have the word should in our vocabulary. 

Remove “what if”. First, let yourself feel the words ‘what if’. For me they are filled with doubt. I currently have the habit of turning that doubt back at myself. When I change that habit, it will be changed. When is definite, but you must be truthful to yourself. When I am not fully believing in this definite outcome, I will lie to myself and that also causes feelings of doubt and regret. The point I’m trying to make, without using the words ‘what if’, is that you ned to accept things as they are first, then decide what actions you want to take to change directions going forward. Saying what if is taking no action, it is in fact allowing yourself to be passive and inactive. For this, the universe will surely reward you with nothing happening, because that is what you are asking for. 

What other words do you think could be removed or added to your vocabulary to improve your progress? 

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