“The fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind.” By Sadguru

Let’s try and look at this with other words… Fear can be expressed as worry, insecurity, and anxiety. All fear lives in the future, in the ‘what ifs’ of tomorrow. The m ind is where thoughts occur. Imagine that living in your mind is really thinking about life instead of living it. Basically, you are overthinking in your mind, because when you are doing, there is no thought. Despite what some people think about themselves, the human doesn’t have the physical ability to truly multitask. Some may have the ability to rapidly switch back and forth between thoughts and actions, but that isn’t the same thing. We are not designed with multiple parallel processors. We have only one!

Now, consider the word ‘living’. Living, or doing, or being can only happen now! None of these can actively occur in your past or future; only right NOW! Whenever you let them take over your mind-thoughts, you are filled with wanting what no longer is, or what you don’t have yet. You overthink about lack. You focus all your thoughts on lack. Fortunately, we tend to have very strong feelings about lack, and they are usually bad feelings. Ie: out of alignment with what we really want. The law of attraction teaches us that we will always attract what we focus our strongest feelings on. If your strong feelings are on the lacking of the past or future, that is all you will attract. I am choosing to be in the now. I’m not yet perfect in the implementation of this choice, but I’m aware of it, and that awareness if growing clearer with each time I catch myself overthinking and fearing. 

What are you afraid of and why do you think you are afraid of it?

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