“It will eventually come. When it comes it will be perfect. In the meantime, I’m happy. I don’t need to make anything happen. Everything is right on schedule. I’m exactly in the right place… Everything I’ve lived has contributed to that. Source knows exactly what I want. It’s right on schedule and there’s nothing for me to do about it, so I don’t even have to think about this. I have to make no effort at all about this.” By Abraham-Hicks

You may want to find your own context-example for this one. What I’m getting from this is that one needs to believe, once they have set an intention., then let it be, so it can manifest. The key is to not think about it at all. Thinking seems to always focus on the lack of what we have asked for. That changes the message we tell the universe and will only delay the manifesting of what we want. So, ask, believe, and receive. That’s it! Whatever you do, don’t think about it! 

What do you want right now? Ok, now let it happen.


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