“Learn the difference between connection and attachment. One gives power, the other sucks the life out of you.” By unknown

Last Thursday’s quote opened a door to understanding this quite clearly. Connecting with something is an exchange of energy. Whatever it is, you are feeling energized by it. It’s exciting, motivating, exhilarating , and fun. No thought of loss, pain, fear, or failure enters your mind. You are in a honeymoon of bliss and enjoyment. As soon as any of these thought-feelings enter into play, you start feeling attached. That is a sign to let go. 

Life is never so simple as to just dump all attachments. To do that like cutting off your onset spite your face, or tossing the baby with the bath water. You loose the essence of the experience and all future potential that essence can bring. The essence is the connection, the rest is attachment. 

Perhaps the most challenging habit to change will be how you perceive your connections. We must diligently remind ourselves of the essence that gave us joy and excitement. The more you do this, the stronger the habit becomes. Then when S**t hits the fan, we are ready to let the splatter go with the cleaning products used to clean it up. What remains important is the stuff we started with” The dream, the goal, the objective, the purpose, etc… 

This quote is a reminder to trust your gut feelings and your instinct, as well as to never give up on your dreams. There is always another path to get there.

What are you connected to?

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