“If you don’t see your own worth, you’ll always choose people who don’t see it either.” By unknown

I’m consistently amazed how these sayings pop into view when I really need them. Granted, I feel I’m getting lots of messages and reminders, rather than clear answers to my questions, but I’ll take them… it’s progress. 

Recently, my dear friend helped me by getting me a much needed contract doing some ghostwriting for a company he consults for. They weren’t sure about the benefits I could bring them and neither was I. I felt they had some very big challenges regarding communications, vision, and planning. These tend to not work well with my desire for simplicity. Anyway, he convinced me to do it and I was able to sincerely convince them to follow my lead. I told them what I could do for them and they felt my self-worth. 

As proof that what we focus on become reality, the challenges I originally thought would drive me crazy have gotten worst there and they stopped communicating with me directly. My dear friend felt he had to tell me the bad news about their budget cuts (consultants are always the first to go). I was worried, frustrated, and felt a little disrespected, so I decided to ask myself why. What I came up with was that I have been asking myself the wrong questions and then giving myself even worst answers. The company didn’t give me any feedback or direction on what I wrote for them, so I started telling myself they didn’t appreciate me. My friend reminded me of a different truth. They had put communications in the hands of an individual who has consistently proven to be incapable and the whole company is suffering from it. In a nutshell, I put myself down, demotivated myself, and got my pity pot nice and ready for what I thought would inevitably come. Well, it did. I’m sure I brought that on too. 

So, now do I wallow in self-doubt and continue to go after people who won’t see my worth either, or do I pull up my big boy pants and ask get help from those who do? The second choice sounds better to me too. 

What are you worth to yourself?

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