“If you want to improve your life immediately, clean out your closet. Often it’s what we hold onto that holds us back.” By unknown

Here’s an interesting challenge for you. Imagine an opportunity of a lifetime is offered to you tomorrow and you will need to relocate fast. How do you feel about the rush to take care of closing down you house and making arrangement for all you stuff? When you let your mind wander to what are you most attached to and what do you take with you; what do you see on your lists? Make this into one of those what do I save if my house was on fire, or what one five things I own would I bring on a desert island, type questions. 

The point is that most of us when an opportunity comes, let our minds drift to problems and obstacles, and they are often in the form of things, not always, but often. We have cats. There is a lot of planning involved in finding care for them when we are away. It’s the pits, for me anyway. I have tons of art books. Thinking about boxing them up again and moving them, is a drag on motivation. Again, my point is that this is all stuff. Cats can be cared for, and do I really need all these books, especially since I have almost all of info in them available on-line? 

If I imagine what I could live without, I’m amazed at how much I could be rid of. It would be so much simpler and easier to live with less stuff to worry about. 

What stuff can you easily live without?

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