“Pay attention to whatever inspires you, for it is ‘spirit’ trying to communicate with you, that’s why it’s called ‘inspiration’, as ‘in-spirit’. Listen to it, believe it, and act on it.” By unknown

I’ve taken the habit of asking people what inspires them and when I’m asked back the same question, I realize so much about m myself. I am inspired by other people’s stories of inspiration and it drives me to want to tell and share them. I’m inspired by my definitions of beauty which are always evolving with new appreciations, and this drives me to continue developing my creative skills. I’m inspired by the opportunity to learn and teach and it is currently driving me to focus on jobs that allow me to do this. So far, it has attracted opportunities to do consulting, coaching, journalism, writing, and much more. 

These inspirations come from within and often feel like a spark with a voice. For me it sounds a lot like it says “Ooooo, that’s interesting!”. I don’t always dive headlong at whatever inspires the voice, but when I do, t always feel awesome and ends up being incredibly stimulating. 

What does your inspiration sound like? 


8 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts #21: Hey, you! Yes, You!

  1. Sometimes inspiration hits me me when I least expect it, like getting a different perspective on something we have seen/read/you name it before and say, “Wow, I’ve never looked at it that way before.”

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  2. My inspiration sounds like yours: Ooooo wow that is interesting ! Inspiration as a concept is difficult to define. Something mystical and magical in it. What inspires u today can make u uninspired tomorrow. Nice post !

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      1. I think it all depends on my mood. Sometimes nothing really inspires me and sometimes I am inspired by almost anything I lay my eyes on or listen to. The world of inspiration is really strange. But I think blogging or any other form of art can train you to be inspired more. You have to put your mind into the idea of being inspired.

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      2. If I’m being honest with myself, I’m hoping for a ready-made solution, a magic pill to solve all my woes. Lately I feel that the more I learn the farther I get from knowing answers.
        I guess I’m just tired enough to acknowledge that I need help recognizing my wins and guidance on allowing myself to reap the rewards of my efforts. Does that make sense?


      3. It makes perfect sense. True, the more we learn, the less answers we have. It is called maturity. And you must take a break from all this in order to soak in better all feelings and emotions. Even the mind needs a break

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      4. You are perfectly on point again, my friend. As you may have heard me say before, I tend to pay close attention to recurring messages from different sources. You mentioned the importance of taking time to reflect. This is something I haven’t been allowing myself recently. In fact, your version of the message has been coming to me regularly for the past few years: from healers and shamans telling me that I need to spend more time in nature, to books and angels (like you) reminding me to find quiet.
        The year ahead feels like it will be a challenge to make those reflective spaces, and only I can change that feeling away from a self-fulfilling prophecy. Wish me luck!

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