I needed to do something different today or get too bored and stop this project cold. I started with the stylized flower with a black brush marker and then drew halo-lines around it with my ink brushes.

I really disliked the halo and found the colours just didn’t mix well that way. I let myself feel the frustration and explore how I felt I could address it by just scraping it. I visualized several ways of destroying it: tearing it up and seeing my hands covered in ink, then reconstructing the image only differently. I didn’t feel the abstraction process would still show the underlying image.

I then thought I could dunk the whole page in a bucket of water and let the colour drip as it dried. I wasn’t sure I wanted that level of wash.

Finally, I took a clean varnish brush, dunked it in the water and stroked it across the page horizontally, from left to right, top to bottom… without rinsing the brush between strokes. thus the brush accumulated more and more pigment as I progressed to the bottom of the page.

I took this picture while some of the surface was still wet and as I’m typing the colours are changing, deepening, and becoming more textural. It’s fascinating!

Stay tuned…


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