I'm reading another book on Zen and it loves to use the terms "muchness" & "is-ness" to describe the state of being while not-doing. While thinking about this drawing, I couldn't figure out what it was, much less what it was trying to do or say. It just was what it was. So be it! … Continue reading SUCHNESS



Today, while doing some sketches, I looked in the mirror to see what face stared back. Then I let my subconscious take over the drawing. The inner vision goes with my fresh haircut, but my outside feels a little old and tired. Maybe all my self-portraits will reveal some of the true me, as I … Continue reading STILL YOUNG ON THE INSIDE

Oh, I’m Not Sure About That

This feels like the face of uncertainty. It could be that person who always seems so certain that whatever you are saying isn't completely true and suddenly fills you with the most frustrating doubts. Not my favourite person the the crowd. This might be why I feel like punching this guy right in his bothersome … Continue reading Oh, I’m Not Sure About That


I let my subconscious draw this one and it feels very much like how I feel about a family crisis I'm going through. Whatever comes next, it will be different. All life is like this, but some situations seem to impact this realization stronger than others. See more at Arts M.Perron:

Distorted Happiness

I noticed that in many of my drawings, the face appears to be smiling, however it feels like a forced smile. As a reaction, I chose to make this face more grotesque to match the true feelings behind the forced smile. This isn't a face of bliss, but rather a face of hidden pain. This … Continue reading Distorted Happiness

Piercing Stare

This drawing is much closer to my usual style and it does feel very self-portrait-y! Probably because there was no particular image in mind when free drawing from my imagination. This isn't entirely true though, I find myself making lines that I feel I'm stealing from Modigliani and/or Picasso. Could be the love I have … Continue reading Piercing Stare

Well, That’s A Look

The explanation comes from the title, or the title comes from the explanation of the face. Either way, this face is both giving a very ambiguous look. I didn't have any conscious aim for the look it is giving. What does it say to you? The other explanation for this title comes from a saying … Continue reading Well, That’s A Look

Don’t Label Me

This odd drawing started as a female figure until I realized that I am more and more adding male features and lines to my cubist inspired images. It raised questions about how we, as a society perceive gender and the reasons some of us have come to accept for the definitions. It is becoming less … Continue reading Don’t Label Me

The Window Worker

I won't go into too much detail about this one. The many times I rewrote the description, I realized how condescending I was sounding. She is a vain person who is looking at herself in the window of a department store. As soon as I labeled her as a window worker, the boobs being out … Continue reading The Window Worker

Looking Down On Oneself

Another self-portrait? Not entirely. The figure is decidedly choosing the perspective from which it is looking at itself. Removed and from above, it can safely criticize itself and feel simultaneously better than the subject and worst about themselves. it begs the answer to the question "are we ourselves?" This odd figure, with its Ichabod Crane … Continue reading Looking Down On Oneself