A little good news — about Vikings (?)

Being from Montreal, Canada myself, I learned a long time ago, before Ancestry.com or 23andme came along, that we are seldom genetically pure in relation to the culture we grew up in. Hundreds to thousands of years of colonial habits have many of us being a genetic stew of racial ancestors. Even this article dances … Continue reading A little good news — about Vikings (?)

A little good news — about working with wildlife


A little good news — about good corporate responsibility


A little good news — about good foods


A little good news — about ‘shrooms

I've always loved mushrooms and couldn't understand why other didn't. No matter how they are cooked, they alway made me happy. According to this, it may have been more than the taste that has kept me coming back for more. Funny thing is, now that I know more of the health benefits of mushrooms, I … Continue reading A little good news — about ‘shrooms

A little good news — about cancer treatments

I may not understand all the jargon, it sounds like we are well on our way to safer and more effective cancer cures. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/head-and-neck-cancer-trial-results-show-completely-disappeared-tumors/ I'm challenging all who read this to add a link or links to other similar stories about cancer treatments!

A little good news — about the future of architecture

I hope all buildings become like this! http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/farmscraper-schenzen-china-hydroponics/

A little good news — about tardigrades


A little good news — we can learn from

If you're anything like me, you find yourself smiling at adorable animal videos on social media at some point during your day. Yes, huge dogs caring for new kittens is adorably cute! Yes, the cat-mom who adopts an opossum or baby bird just makes us saw "awww"! And there are endless other examples of one … Continue reading A little good news — we can learn from

A little good news — the joy of about finding purpose

This heartwarming story goes beyond prison reform, prisoner rehabilitation, or even giving back to society; it demonstrates the value of making meaningful art and how it can build and/or change communities. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/prison-inmates-learned-to-quilt-and-now-make-foster-kid-gifts/