Tough Decisions Ahead

Thank You For Being There For Me Over the last weeks I've been debating several directions to take, one of them has to do with how to stay connected to my blog followers. I've been on an unbroken posting streak of over 550 days and my blog has been growing in popularity daily. I am … Continue reading Tough Decisions Ahead


Knowing When To Really Listen and To Whom

This process is ever going and growingSome six hundred odd days ago I wrote a little reflection about listening to myself. I didn't realize it at the time that I might be feeling that I hadn't progress nearly two years later on my journey. Well, I do feel that way often. I WAS actually a … Continue reading Knowing When To Really Listen and To Whom

Status Update – How Much Have I Progressed

622 Days Into This Obsession, And... I started this little adventure in writing a little under two years ago with an article titled: What I Want - 30 days to Clearly Defining It. I just re-read it and I am not sure I can list all the changes that have come since I started my … Continue reading Status Update – How Much Have I Progressed

Just Breathe

I'm Getting There. I'm Getting There. I'm Getting There...This past few months have felt the busiest in recent memory and I often feel that my "To Do" list just keeps getting longer and longer. Every new project, activity, request is filled with blessings that I am so very grateful for, and yet I still feel … Continue reading Just Breathe

A Challenging Shelf – Before

The Challenge of Improving on Such Beauty As soon as I saw this Mid-Century book shelf, I knew I had to have it. At first, the ideas of colour schemes, stains, waxes, paintings, polishings, sanding, etc, etc, etc... All flew through my head with excitement as I drove it home and placed it carefully in … Continue reading A Challenging Shelf – Before

FOUND Design Gallery

See full page via FOUND Design Gallery Mission To deliver possibilities of beauty from the unexpected items that surround us in our daily lives. To exclusively use unique, reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, and refurbished items and bring you a whole new beauty to embellish your environment.

Arts M.Perron Gallery

See Full Page via Arts M.Perron Gallery Dedicated to creativity. I share and talk about the works I’ve made with my hands & my imagination. It starts with a focus on my painting & sculpture; there is poetry from my past & present; photography explorations; and now, there are creations from my dream to have … Continue reading Arts M.Perron Gallery

It’s Time To Manage Time

To Rest or Not To Rest, That is The Question... I'm about to start a new job and the time commitment is what really has me concerned. To be honest, time to get everything done is always my chief concern. I've learned that just diving in and doing it, gets it done well. It's the … Continue reading It’s Time To Manage Time

Now, Is All There Is.

It's Starting To Sink In Almost thirty years ago I read The Way of The Bull by Leo Buscaglia and started considering the concept of Carpe Diem as part of an endless wish-list. Only, how to implement it when there are so many life-obstacles possible? Well, I didn't get the concept back then, so I … Continue reading Now, Is All There Is.

Ask And You Shall Receive

The Battle For What I Want Rages On... I'm winning, sort Of... As many of my dear readers know, I often feel I crumble under the perceived weight of the question of what do I really want. The good news is it's getting easier to answer, when I break it down. The question is seldom … Continue reading Ask And You Shall Receive