A Gift of the Kiln Gods #2

Details: Pinch Pots construction; Terracotta clay body; Cone 04 electric firing; Average height/width - 5 to 10 cms.  Inquiries & comments on technique and/or availability welcome here. More to come... 

Automatic art

Thank you, Athena.
It’s so much fun to share art!

The English Introvert

I tried to do some art without thinking too much. My husband likes that these are less representational than usual and more abstract. https://renminds.org/2020/03/25/neo-apocalyptic-dust-mites/ liked the idea as he had done something similar so here is a link to his work. Paisley inspired with echoes of people becoming batteries in the Matrix

Paisley inspired with echoes of people becoming batteries in the Matrix

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Do you have the Passion Paradox?

The age-old wisdom everyone recites is that we have to follow our passion to be happy in life. A life without passion, we’re told, isn’t going to be …Do you have the Passion Paradox?

The Potential of Cultural Appropriation

The Title image is by A.R. Penck: The Start of the Lion Hunt. The photo was taken in 2020, by M. Perron at the Musée des beaux arts de Montréal. From MBAM Introduction As soon as I came across this painting in the MBAM, the debate about cultural appropriation that continuously rages in my head … Continue reading The Potential of Cultural Appropriation

CMN = Contemplating My Navel

Half way through the X-mas break and my To Do list of nonsense is expanding beyond reason. Turns out, I've only been contemplating my navel. In about a week, my 21-week series on daily quotes will come to an end and I frankly have no clue what I've learned from the process. Partly because I … Continue reading CMN = Contemplating My Navel

Friday’s Frequencies #20: Live life for experience, not stuff.

“Care less about what you own. Care more about how you live.” By Joshua Becker When it comes to my blogging and writing, I’m positively a hoarder. I collect an abundance of research and information, create a working document that comprises all the quotes, statements, concepts, etc.. I find relevant for the article I’m writing. … Continue reading Friday’s Frequencies #20: Live life for experience, not stuff.

Thursday doors

Please visit this artist’s blog and see how they capture time and nature in all their beauty!


Driving by I spied out of the corner of my eye, this quiet lady, sitting prim and proper on a hill. Her land had been farmed, ready for the blanket of snow that would soon cover the sleeping fields.

I couldn’t pass her by, I found a place to turn around, and made my way up the hill. I found her interesting, there were no cobwebs and hanging weeds between her boards, it was as if the fairies had come and swept her clean. Even her faded walls are nicely shaded as if penciled or charcoal -ed, against the winter skies.

For now I’ve dubbed her Lady Finch. Maybe I will get to see her again, when she is sun bathing on a mid-summer day. Anything is possible. =^_^=

Don’t be swayed by the past; It’s what you do from now on that counts. Your…

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5 Things to realize on the path to self-love

This morning, as I lay awake worrying about many things and putting myself down; I asked for an angel to guide me.

Angels always come when I ask and I’m getting better at recognizing them.

I’m sharing this amazing blog post (and it’s beautiful author) today, because they are the angel I needed today.
I hope they are yours as well.


  1. 1.Stop focusing solely on the things you are bad at instead look at all the things you are good at. Instead of beating yourself up for the things you cannot do take time to appreciate everything you have already achieved. The constant urge to better yourself leads to you forgetting what you are capable of as you are always striving to fix yourself. Focusing only on your flaws will make them seem impossible to overcome and will create a bad self-image. You are so much more than the things you cannot do and realizing that will help you let go of the burden in your mind that keeps you away from being happy with yourself.

2. Realize that the things others may be thinking about you is the reflection of what you think about yourself. “I bet they cannot stand me, they think I am not cool” These thoughts are…

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Come get your hands dirty and have some fun at The Dorval Potters Guild!

Hello Pottery Enthusiasts! The Winter Semester of classes is just around the corner! Come get your hand dirty and have some fun at The Dorval Potters Guild! Registration for winter pottery classes will be taking place on Wednesday December 18th, from 6:30pm to 8pm, in our studio (room S014A) located in the basement of the Sarto … Continue reading Come get your hands dirty and have some fun at The Dorval Potters Guild!