Tears of joy

Book Review: You Made Me A Dad by Laurenne Sala What a wonderful book to read your child... of any age! I loved sharing this with my daughter and getting her hug in return. I can imagine reading this to a class of kids, kindergarten to about grade two. Doing it as a follow-up to … Continue reading Tears of joy

Letting You Be … You

Book Review: Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor Adorable.A parent's guide to having fun while allowing your children be themselves.A great message about how parent's can show their children they respect them for who they are. Follow Nancy and her amazing family as they nurture her self-expression in the cutest and most supportive way... by being … Continue reading Letting You Be … You

A Child is a Wonderful Adventure

Book Review: Silly Wonderful Your by Sherri Duskey Rinker Simply beautiful!!!Love, love, love!!! A great story to read to your kid, especially after one of those special days when being tired is just understating it. I wish I had this book to read my daughter when she and I became a family of two. It … Continue reading A Child is a Wonderful Adventure