Getting to the heart Of It

The entire diameter of this amazing blossom is about half an inch (1 cm). Unless you get really close it looks faded and unremarkable. Superimpose it over bright green foliage and it starts to vibrate with colour. Get closer still and you realize this flower is pink, white, orange, and yellow. The inside presents its … Continue reading Getting to the heart Of It

A Glory of Magenta

This one is all about the colour... impure magenta... flawed to perfection with white pollen and bug bites. The sun loves it! These petals often dry to a brittle paper and even keep some of this colour. I'll have to venture out this Fall to see how they look after their Summer of sun-love. Prints … Continue reading A Glory of Magenta

A Colony of Little Blossoms

Every year I grab a few shots of these colonies of minuscule flowers. From far they are like a fuzzy ball of white and yellow, but up close you see the tiny and almost translucent stamen moving. They appear to be reaching all over like living feelers; touching each other and all that surrounds them. … Continue reading A Colony of Little Blossoms

A Beautiful Diversity of Colours

I've made some effort to keep the garden in the pinks that my wife enjoys, but this little bush was hiding where I didn't notice it. It was a house gift from Easter 2019 and we thought it had died last year. It was mostly green when I transplanted it to a recently cleared spot. … Continue reading A Beautiful Diversity of Colours

Without Prejudice

I feel playing in grayscale or focusing on the world through a monochrome lens helps us see the essence of everything. It isn't neutral, it is packed with distinctions. Every new patch has a complex individuality that goes beyond contrast and even farther beyond colour. Zoom in on the patch, tweak the definition and play … Continue reading Without Prejudice

What’s Back There?

I really had fun with this one, because I just couldn't catch what was hiding in the dark. It's in there and looking out from the mid-left side, under all the twigs. The eye is barely visible. When I realized it might be frightened, I pulled away to leave it be. When I was editing … Continue reading What’s Back There?

Well Preserved

The frost had just melted and left us with some colour preserved in these dying leaves. It's a wonder if they know they are dead yet. I adore these tones and hues of greens and browns. I feel that If I could stare at them long enough I might be able to emulate them in … Continue reading Well Preserved

War Photo or Something Closer In Time

I actually forgot the story that inspired the title, but it reminds me of the clifts of Normandy beach or some similar WWII scene I saw in a movie. The resistance is hiding somewhere in the forest waiting for the surviving soldiers that made it off the beach. The air is foggy with gunsmoke and … Continue reading War Photo or Something Closer In Time

Walking The Line

Is there such a thing as minimalist photography? Well, if there is, I'm not sure if this would qualify; the landscape that is the surface of this field rock seems to be rich with colours, textures, and the signs of life gone by. It goes way beyond grayscale, it shows yellows, pinks, greens, and blues … Continue reading Walking The Line

Waiting to Rot

Another macro shot was taken in early Spring. Taken well before the Spring cleaning that tidied up the yard and helped me transform it into a more purposeful zen garden. The dry leaves and other detritus left behind by the previous season leave us with shapes, tones, and textures. I felt I had to go … Continue reading Waiting to Rot