A Moment of Contemplation

Obviously, I didn't take this shot, but I feel it's worth sharing as part of my creative process. I was standing for a time near the water's edge, contemplating what might be floating downstream from the waterfall. Everything around me was green, but I was apparently so focused that my friends and my wife couldn't … Continue reading A Moment of Contemplation

A Living Painting

A day in the woods of Rawdon, Quebec... everywhere you looked there was something strange and wonderful to see. In a small area, near the river, we found these odd little caterpillars. I haven't the foggiest idea what the butterfly must look like and I'm not sure I care; this was amazing enough. It was … Continue reading A Living Painting

Painterly Perspectives

I guess I did a good job because I can't really remember what the original colour of these flowers was. They may have been blue, but they might also have been yellow, or orange. I'm not sure. I played with this image about a week ago and it's been an incredibly full week. I just … Continue reading Painterly Perspectives

That’s An Orange of a Different Colour

Another visit to the Farmer's Market and a huge bin full of these orange beauties. Almost pumpkins, but not quite. Textured like zucchini, but not quite. The size of the average butternut squash, but not quite. It's orange, but the variations of hues and intensities on each squash make it... well, not quite orange either. … Continue reading That’s An Orange of a Different Colour

The Creature’s Cave

For me, monochrome photos always seem more cinematic. The stories that come to mind are almost always related to old monster movies from the 1950s... which are invariably in black and white. It seems to me that the directors had to be more experienced with traditional photography to frame their shots. Perhaps because they so … Continue reading The Creature’s Cave

The Essense of Wabi-Sabi

My dwarf Japanese Maple never fails to inspire me. It could be that this tiny tree always looks ancient. Maybe it's just that it is packed with texture and character. I just love it. All the reds I get in the leaves blow my mind. They change day to day, from bright to dark reds, … Continue reading The Essense of Wabi-Sabi

The Sureness of Autumn

We went for a nature walk out in the country and on the way back came across a farmers market. You can see that the sun was incredible this day and it pulled our certain colours while muting others. The overall effect was lovely and reflected the coming autumn. We had been in denial that … Continue reading The Sureness of Autumn


The wind was gentle and moved these tiny flowers softly into the frame of my shot; making it look like the flowers were photobombing the shot. I can almost hear them giggling at their successful prank. Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com

The First Sign of…

This floated onto our breakfast table early last week on a particularly windy day. Could this be an early sign of f... You know what? Let's not mential the other "F" word just yet and just enjoy the beautiful colours that appeared at the breakfast table on this particularly windy, Summer's day! Prints & more … Continue reading The First Sign of…

Details Of Beauty

I'm tempted to say nothing about this one and just ask you what you feel when you look at it... I saw this small damaged bunch of leaves hiding in the lush dark greens of other leafy plants from my garden. It stopped me in my tracks and I'm not sure why. I just find … Continue reading Details Of Beauty