The Self-UnPortrait

What I learned in school this week... We were given only one prompt for this activity: "Shoot a self-portrait where you aren't directly in the shot." Of course hands flew up and questions were rapidly fired at the teacher, but he simply replied "you decide" and the questions stopped. Through the class discussion that followed … Continue reading The Self-UnPortrait

Face at the Track & The Three Amigos

In a recent drawing class, there teacher told us of an upcoming project that would have us seeing faces everywhere, in all sorts of inanimate objects. When I left class that prophecy stayed loud and clear in my mind. This morning on the way to school, I found these faces. See more at Arts M.Perron … Continue reading Face at the Track & The Three Amigos

Vibrant Galaxies

A different perspective on the Tethered Biospheres photo. Perhaps I've been watching too much Star Trek lately, but it does look like those galaxies they are always encountering. The mysterious nebulas. I simply hyper saturated the colours and the extra luminescence appeared. My imaginations flew me through this wonderful vision of outer space. For more … Continue reading Vibrant Galaxies

Tethered Biospheres

Can you picture a futuristic cityscape, where the communities are vast biospheres floating in the sky and tethered to the earth? That's what I saw when I crouched down into the buggy grasses and looked across this field. Perhaps these are the skeletal remains of one off these fantasy world-scapes. For more of my photo … Continue reading Tethered Biospheres

Sunset Time

I am simply fascinated by this plant. The intricately interwoven filaments that form a nearly perfect sphere are gorgeous. I zoomed in and focused on the sphere itself, contrasting out the greenery behind it. The final effect was that it appeared as if the setting sun was illuminating it. I fond it beautiful! For more … Continue reading Sunset Time

Ready To Launch

This is the final edit that hit an interesting detour in the form of "Mother Nature's Fireworks". From far, these plants seem dead, but up close we see intelligent life in the fine details of the construction. Each seed pod is attached to the finest web of silky tendrils that will allow it to float … Continue reading Ready To Launch

Mother Nature’s Fireworks

Letting go and just going extreme on the digital manipulations occasionally reveals more than expected. I was hoping to expose the infinitesimal details in this flower, just before it was about to explode and release its seed pods to the whims of the wind. I got stopped in my tracks when I got to this … Continue reading Mother Nature’s Fireworks

A Top The Canopy

While this is a view of a field densely covered with foliage, it reminded me of the fly-over views of jungles we can see in those amazing BBC nature series. There always seems to be a few trees that rise high above the canopy and sparkle in the sun. I saw this with my naked … Continue reading A Top The Canopy

Herritage Architecture in Montreal

I believe these silos are part of the Five Roses flour mill on the Old Port of Montreal and there's discussion of it's future, as well as the landmark Silo #5 close by. I'll let you do your own digging into the architectural significance of these silos, as my report would be quite long. I … Continue reading Herritage Architecture in Montreal

Weather Report – Chance of Mondrian Skies

I was intending to give it a uniform sky colour, but my focus kept going to the geometric shapes seen in the tower and between the buildings. It reminded me of a Mondrian painting, so I thought, why not...? I'm still uncertain the white user-sky was the right choice, but I sometimes have that fear, … Continue reading Weather Report – Chance of Mondrian Skies