An Abandoned Faerie Ring

The forest floor is filled with decaying trees, trunks, and mushrooms... they are often in rings and I love to imagine these to be faerie rings. The further along with the decay, like in this one, I wonder where they went. The more I learn about botany, the harder it becomes to see these as … Continue reading An Abandoned Faerie Ring

Adding To My Palette

We discovered a new colour in the garden the other day... this gorgeous powder-blue. It popped up long enough for us to grab this shot and share it but quickly disappeared later that same day. We have yet to see other buds or blossoms from this vine and it makes it all the more spectacular … Continue reading Adding To My Palette

A Single Tear for Whiteness

Please focus on the right side of the shot, where a single drop of dew slowly rolls down the gentle petal, like the tear rolling down the soft skin of your love's cheek. The monochrome petals look sensuous and invite the lover's touch on their surfaces. It may be challenging for normal fingers to touch … Continue reading A Single Tear for Whiteness

A Brightness of Yellow

In a field filled with greens, there spoke a tiny voice loudly! this tiny yellow flower shone with such volume that it became a brightness of colour. It shouted, "see me shine, see my beauty, see my yellow"! It is beautiful, joyous, and glorious. Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @

Finding The Sunset in a Flower

To the naked eye, this flower appears canary yellow. I moved the plant around and allowed the bright sunlight to move across and through the petals, then I started to see they were actually made up of many colours. I didn't achieve this sunset range with vibrancies, not saturations, they were all hiding in the … Continue reading Finding The Sunset in a Flower

Cinematic Blossoms

Can you imagine that these are actually bright red flowers? I was really enjoying the angle of this shot and how I felt a tension between the stalk holding the flower and the seemingly escaping movements of the blossoms themselves. As usual, I saw this in my head, not in my eye, so I wasn't … Continue reading Cinematic Blossoms

And Then There Was Yellow

I'd like to claim that I was focusing on the tiny, brown bug crawling on the spiny leaf in front of a vast black backdrop, when this massive yellow flower photo-bombed the frame, but... I was trying to capture this unexpected yellow in my garden. I was having one of the days were I just … Continue reading And Then There Was Yellow

An Explosion of Red

You gotta trust in serendipity. I couldn't get my lens to focus on all the details of this flower cluster, no matter how much I fiddled with it. I took a few shots to catch the feelings I was getting from the red, but to my naked eye, it didn't do it justice. As I … Continue reading An Explosion of Red

The Backyard is Filled with The Scent of a Single Jasmine Flower

I bought my wife a jasmine plant for our anniversary. They looked dismal at the nursery and I was afraid that they wouldn't deliver the perfume she loves so much. This plant has over-delivered. Sit on our deck at sunset when the neighbourhood starts to get quiet, then an exp.osion occurs. Not of sound, but … Continue reading The Backyard is Filled with The Scent of a Single Jasmine Flower

The Baby Banana Leaf Bursts Forth

We moved out banana plant into a much larger pot and had to put it on the ground. This allows us the view from the top you see here. We see a new leaf slowly emerge and unfurl about once a month, but I have never noticed how the light goes through it, not how … Continue reading The Baby Banana Leaf Bursts Forth