Terracotta clay, slab-hand-built, carved, folded, and taped. Bisqued without any stains or engobes. Then I used a variation of oxides and celadon glazes. I had hoped they would drip down and they did. The carved base only had some thin coats of iron oxide stains, but that also changed in the firing. I'm pretty sure … Continue reading Waterfall


The intention was to give the feel of something that may have formed naturally following the eruption of a volcano. For this, I used very unusual materials to colour the inner and outer surface. This one of those pieces that no school would allow me to make in their classes. Thank goodness I had the … Continue reading Striations

Coiled Bowl

Sometimes the simplest techniques can reveal amazing results... but only when we let go and stop overthinking it. This is stoneware clay, coiled (not my favourite technique), then pressed into a slump mould bowl. I love rustic work, so I left it as crude as I could. It dried slowly over a week or two, … Continue reading Coiled Bowl

Into The Fold

I used a terracotta clay body and wanted to see just how thin I could go. I managed to get it down to about 2mm thick. I had to time it just right, as working it too wet would leave me with tears in the clay, and it wouldn't hold up on its own. Too … Continue reading Into The Fold

Chrysalis Teapot

This started with soft scraps of clay and transformed into a teapot. My amazing daughter was with me in the studio and she added the butterflies. The glaze was a Cone 6 creme that didn't like the stoneware clay body very much. it was painted on, instead of being dipped. I also painted a manganese … Continue reading Chrysalis Teapot

Abstract Ship

Again using scraps of slabs and joining them together into whatever shape they decide. This was done while I was seeing the smokestacks of ships in my imagination. I decided to experiment with a red engobe of my own mixture. It would have been more vibrantly red, had I fired it at Cone 04, instead … Continue reading Abstract Ship

Ring Vessels

I think these would be ideal to put your rings in at the end of the day, or when you are washing your hands. The bowls are pinche-pots, the bases are hand-built. I used a stoneware clay body and fired to Cone 6 in an electric kiln. The glaze is mainly a version of a … Continue reading Ring Vessels

Transformations with Life #25: “Reaching Out”

The more I look at it, the more the green really contrasts beautifully with the brown pot. Again a slightly different type of ivy... it's in the coloration of the leaves. it might have been my imagination, but it felt like this one started growing as soon as it was transplanted to this pot. I'm … Continue reading Transformations with Life #25: “Reaching Out”

Transformations with Life #24: “Outgrowing”

This one has a slightly different kind of ivy... this ivy sometimes grows up; sometimes down; sometimes just outward. The green seems to contrast beautifully with the brown pot. The pot is from a series made in terracotta clay, fired at cone 6 (which is why they were no longer really red. This clay body … Continue reading Transformations with Life #24: “Outgrowing”

Transformations with life #23: “Creeping Forward”

The creeping vine lend us the name for this transformation. I'm still trying to figure out why all but a few of these survive transplanting. The pot is from a series made in terracotta clay, fired at cone 6 (which is why they were no longer really red. This clay body is meant for a … Continue reading Transformations with life #23: “Creeping Forward”