Creative Blocks – Grey Sunshine

We can find the most amazing things to see when walking to clear the mind. Concrete has always fascinated me, literally. The greys are almost always warm when dry and they feel both solid and ephemeral at the same time... as if they could be crumbled to dust with an unexpected tap to the right … Continue reading Creative Blocks – Grey Sunshine

The Sentinal

Standing tall, stoic Guarding life Guarding death Temporarily befriended by the sun Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @

The Forest Walk

You just have to stop and listen. Suddenly, what you see becomes sound. Your eyes adjust and everything vibrates green. Go take a walk at The Morgan Arboretum. Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @

Traces At Sunset

In preparation for my zen garden... before any rock or plants were laid in, I put down some earth that I'd been reclaiming on the side of my house for the last two years. It was a mix of topsoil, clay, compost, and sod-soil. It came out dry and granulated. I raked it over roughly … Continue reading Traces At Sunset

Just So… Beautiful

It's really easy to walk by certain gifts from Mother Nature and take them for granted. Macro photography has been allowing me to, well, stop and smell the roses. There is so much beauty always around us that I can't help but feel my soul soaring in happiness and gratitude for it. The fragility of … Continue reading Just So… Beautiful

Greyscale Sunrise At War

It's amazing how strong and vibrant the sunrise gets in the Spring over Montreal. There's always lots of humidity in the air to haze the brightness, but the sun feels like it's burning through it all to touch us with the hope of Spring and the promise of warmth in Summer. If you can imagine … Continue reading Greyscale Sunrise At War

The Sun Burns Through

I almost didn't post this one. When I was framing it, I felt my retinae burning and wasn't sure if I was capturing the effect I imagined. The effect was that the longer you stare into this sunburst, the wider it seems to be getting. While editing it, my doubts came back again as I … Continue reading The Sun Burns Through