Another outing on my kayak and I thought I was better prepared with a wide brim hat and prescription sunglasses… you see, it is very glary on the water and very hard to see the camera screen… I’m also averse to the practice of taking dozens of shots and hope one is excellent, but with the boat not staying still, the glare of the sun, and my concern about dropping the camera in the river… well, I gave in to taking many shots. The upside of the glaring sun, is the variations in the water colours achieved.

To be honest, my intension was to capture the amazing white Lillies we see every morning and evening in this flotilla of pads. They were still there when I went out on my kayak, but didn’t see any on the edges of the vast surface of plants and I didn’t want to risk damaging any by venturing deeper in. A little boy named Ethan and his Mom kayaked up to me and he shared very factually that I was wise not to go in, because these plants are now considered a protected patch. Seven year old Ethan then proceeded to engage me with rhetorical questions (for which he had many preconceived answers) about what I was doing, how my kayak was made, and the Lilly patch. He reminded me how much I was looking forward to getting back in my classes with my elementary students and their. fascinating thoughts about… well, everything!

More to come…


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