I see a wool hat over my coffee

There he sits, wool hat Smoking a cigarette Between index and fuck finger. The hat, like the one an old fisherman might wear. Funny, he looks a bit like Harvey Keitel, the actor, But he doesn’t seem to share his sense of humour … irony? by M. Perron (Originally written January 18, 1993) Notes: Hmmm... … Continue reading I see a wool hat over my coffee



I’m Hungry Obsessions, It is indicative of the fact that I cannot Maintain my concentration Look at those legs Look at those tits Look at those eyes Look at that mouth, lips! How impersonal my needs are, When the hormone argues the intellect cowers. by M. Perron (Originally written January 20, 1993) Notes: Sorry, I … Continue reading Hunger

Christmas Music & Cigars

Did you ever try To figure out why Some things make you happy and sad at the same time? Like kids tumbling around in fluffy, fresh snow. Like the puffing out of the engine on a toy train. At some point, both will smell bad. Christmas muzak, cigars and smelly old memoirs. by M. Perron … Continue reading Christmas Music & Cigars

I saw a little old lady

I saw a little old lady She walked by me on her way To the ashtray she picked up She turned and smiled A greater smile When I smiled at her In that instant we spoke Our eyes spoke the truth Of simple pleasures That bring the most contentment. by M. Perron (Originally written January … Continue reading I saw a little old lady


I passed an old lady on my way I smiled at her She gummed a smile at me. I saw her weary wrinkles soften for an instant. A smile is sometimes the most beautiful gift of the day. by M. Perron (Originally written February 24, 1993) Notes: Is it just me, or did I write … Continue reading Smile


It shone, and shone, and shone, The pale pate of the janitor. The stylish rag hanging out of his back pocket moved slightly as he talked. His conversation couldn’t have been of garbage. Could it? It seemed an involved topic for he leaned on the table of the man he confronted. Whatever, How does it … Continue reading IT

Oh, that stylish hat!

What was he counting? Change from the coffee he bought? The numbers of his medicare card? Some hope inspiring loto ticket? I don’t know. Did he chose his pants? They are of a greenish colour that dirt does not really show up on. Or does he just like the way they look with his taupe … Continue reading Oh, that stylish hat!

More Mall People

The morning is bright for our hero this morning We’ve got the milk drinker spewing inanities to the crone who accompanies him. We’ve got the curly haired lady wearing sunglasses in the dimmest corner of the room, seemingly having a debate with herself. We’ve got another auto-conversationalist sipping his coffee, polishing his glasses, and stuffing … Continue reading More Mall People

Young Boy

Young Boy Sitting in the metro in a green snowsuit and black and white, striped hat. He’s trying to get comfortable Lying this way and that Using his arm to rest upon. He looks over to his Mother sitting across the way in another seat. He looks down at his seat and pats the space … Continue reading Young Boy


Illusions… Sounds made by the wind Shadows out of the corner of your eye The pretty girl on your mind Illusions? The sun moving shadows on the ground The scent of perfume recalling an image of beauty The pretty girl’s heart that can’t be found Illusions! The charmer’s magical love part The hidden meaning of … Continue reading Illusions