Young Boy

Sitting in the metro

in a green snowsuit

and black and white, striped hat.

He’s trying to get comfortable

Lying this way and that

Using his arm to rest upon.

He looks over to his Mother

sitting across the way

in another seat.

He looks down at his seat

and pats the space beside him

with his tired hand

Hi Mom comes to his side

He snuggles into the warmth

of her fur coat

In comfort,

he discovers

he isn’t tired anymore.

by M. Perron (Originally written February 24, 1993)

Notes: I really liked this one. It’s sweet. It doesn’t completely feel like it’s mine, even though I can clearly remember the metro ride in which I saw these people. There were few people who caught my attention anymore, and this mother and son did. I think there may have been lots of characters on the metro, but I had become jaded to their eccentricities.

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