Wow, I’m already stumped… well, not really, it’s just been a day of other preoccupations. So, let’s look at the preoccupation and go from there. I wanted a business coach and the opportunity to have one has presented itself. However, I’m now questioning  my motivations. Am I questioning their qualifications, am I simply scared to grow this part of myself, or do I really want something else?

For some time now I’ve wanted to find myself a mentor. Someone who would see my strengths and guide me to put them to better use, as well as, see my weaknesses and guide me to overcome them. I have been listening to anyone who offered advice, not always realizing the advice wasn’t really meant for me or my needs. It’s only recently that I’ve realized how often people ask me for advice, and this has given me focus and self-trust. I still struggle with my own imposter syndrome, but it’s getting less and less each day.

Universe, I want to believe in myself and trust my abilities.

Here’s a fun confirmation about the laws of attraction. I was just thinking of the desire to trust my abilities and feeling emotional about that desire, then my phone rang and interrupted my writing… a business acquaintance called to compliment my writing and asked me to write introduction letters and other communications for them. She said she loved my writing style. Well, there you go! I got what I’ve asked for. So, let’s keep doing this throughout this 30 day challenge and possibly beyond. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

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