I have been a little stressed this week about not having a daily posting from a 30 day challenge. And I didn’t post on Thursday or Friday, sorta.

These are my reasons; you can judge me, if you must. Chances you will judge me less harshly than I do myself, so have at it!

This past week I’ve had some interesting meetings and conversations that feel like they are moving my writing career forward.

First, I’ve parted ways with Best Version Media & the Kirkland Neighbours project, or should I say they recognized my lack of enthusiasm in the project and asked me to leave it. Oddly, it was the role of Publisher they asked me to leave, not the sales role, but it was the lack of advertising sales that they sited as the reason. Hmmm… go figure. As the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens.

Second, I visited with my friend, Andrew who is the publisher of Westmount Mag. They are in a growth period with some exciting possibilities and while brainstorming ideas, we talked about how much I’m loving all this writing and he asked me to contribute to their magazine. AWESOME! Right? I suggested a feature called “Looking Out” that talks about stuff going on in the rest of Montreal. This will be fun!

Third, on the same day I visited with my friend, Paul who is simply amazing. A born entrepreneur, a fiercely generous and kind person, and… well, I’ll be writing about him in more detail in one of my upcoming “These are the people in my neighbourhood” features. He has a passion project which is growing fast, like every one of the projects he does, called Luxury Lane. He asked me to contribute to this as well, and we will be talking about what else I can do there to help… he also asked me to help with another side project that will make business cards look, well, seriously lame. Upping the ante and being a game changer? I’M IN!

Fourth, I finally figured out that I can post-date my articles and posts. Hey, I’m still new to WordPress and I’ve been focusing on content over technical stuff. Anyway, I’ve been adding a bunch of special stuff to be posted over the next few months and it’s been very productive, both creatively and technically.

Finally, I’ve been equally overwhelmed and excited that my idea for the 30 days with Ted has become something much bigger… I am building it to the potential of being a whole year… What do you think about “Getting Out Of My head With Ted – 365 Days to Changing Everything I Thought I Knew About Life”? It’s still a working title…

So, I feel that I need a little time to refuel my engines… we’ll see how I feel after watching a few more Ted talks or spending a few minutes going through Pinterest.

Isn’t life Tremendous?


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